Fitness motivation can make or break our health. Studies show that motivation is the reason why we stick with an exercise program.

Understanding why we do something keeps us going when the reps get hard. When we don’t want to get up and it’s still dark and cold out, we need a little something to kick us out of bed.

Whenever I talk to new clients, one of the first things I ask is: “Why are you doing this? What’s motivating  you to lose weight?”

The answers are as varied as the people I work with –I have a wedding to go to, I’m newly single and want to look good, I’m going to a reunion, I’m training for a competition.

Then comes the follow up question: “What happens when this goes away?”

In other words, what happens after the wedding, when you meet someone special, when your competition is over, after the reunion?

Who or what are you training for then?

This is a pattern I discovered in my clients, and it showed in their training. They would meet their goal, looked and felt great, and they went back to their old habits again. Then in 3-6 months, they returned to the gym with another goal to train for.

Where Does Fitness Motivation Come From?

Fitness motivation comes from many places. Most of them external.

They were training out of fear. Fear of looking bad, fear of feeling bad. They didn’t want to train for themselves. They looked for external factors to motivate them.

There are several reasons why people do this, but what it really comes down to is how people value themselves. A lot of the time, and I see this especially in women, people put themselves last on the list of things to care for.

Does this feel familiar to you? Here’s something I want you to think about.

Do you feel like you’re good enough to train for every day, without the external fitness motivation?

You are your ultimate competition. By that, I mean that being a happy, healthy human being looking to achieve wonderful things in life can be something to motivate you every single day.

When you work out and those last few reps are hard, there’s something that happens. You have a choice. Either you can stop because it’s too hard, or you can choose to keep going.  I want you to think one simple thought.

“This is for me.”

Don’t look to the event or the person you think you’re training for. Look within yourself.

“This is for me.”

Every rep: “This is for me.”

When the workout gets hard: “This is for me.”

Because you love yourself.

Because you care.

Because you deserve it.

Despite what the other voices are telling you. They want you to stay where you are. They want to keep you in the dark.

Tell them.

“This is for me.”

Contact me today if you need an extra level of motivation for your workouts.

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