Fact: You Can Lose More Weight When You Track What You Eat

Weight loss is one of the most common goals people have.

The fact is that we all have a few pounds to shed.

Yet, we keep turning to fad diets, counting macros, cleanses, supplements and more just to live a healthy life. Do a 10-day cleanse or a 30-day diet, we’ll lose weight, the challenge is over and we’re right back to where it began.

Then we’ll try another one. And another one.

Do you know how to stop this crazy cycle?

Incorporating small changes into your daily routine.

If you want to lose weight, you have to know that creating self-awareness is the biggest weapons in making changes that last a lifetime.

Self-awareness starts with taking an honest look at your eating habits. Once you know where you can make small changes, you make one change at a time.

And the changes stick.

So, how do you create self-awareness in your eating habits?

Printable Food Journal to Help You Lose Weight

A 2008 study by Kaiser Permanente found that keeping a food diary doubles your weight loss.

Doubling your weight loss is nothing to sneeze at.

That’s why I created this printable food journal. It’s the first thing I give to my clients when they sign up for coaching.

You have to know what your baseline is, and you have to see what you’re eating to make changes.

I also love writing everything down in a journal instead of tracking on an app. It creates a deeper connection to your actions. Then you have the power to change them one at a time.

Here’s what you can expect when you get your printable food journal:

  • Simple directions on how to use it.
  • Check-ins throughout the week to see how you’re doing.
  • Nutrition tips
  • Tips on taking an objective look at your eating habits without judgment or guilt.
  • What do you do with this new self-awareness?

These are the things that will put yourself on the path towards healthy, long-term weight loss.

I can honestly say I am in the best shape of my life.

J. G.

You are positive, not preachy when it comes to the diet part of the program.

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