Online Fitness Coaching

Are You Ready to End Your Frustration with Health and Fitness Once and For All?

How many diets, cleanses, and fad workouts have you tried over the course of your lifetime? How many times has the weight crept back?

You get busy, you get older, you get more responsibility. In all of that, you’re doing everything, but you forget about yourself.

You try a diet. It works for a while, then your old habits creep in and you go back to where you were. That cycle continues because you have to learn the habits that make a difference. 

It’s a frustrating game the fitness industry plays. How would you like to end the frustration once and for all?

Yes, it is possible to lose weight and keep it off with online fitness coaching with Apogeo Fitness.

Why Is Apogeo Fitness Different?

I get it. You’ve tried everything under the sun and heard every pitch.

I don’t make promises like lose 10 pounds in 30 days or lose 25 pounds in 21 days.

That’s a major problem for people because you’re putting a band-aid on a hemorrhage. It just won’t work.

The reason why my online fitness coaching programs are so effective is that I play the long game.

I focus on building up your body with long term success in mind. I help you develop habits one at a time.

What Is Online Fitness Coaching?

Fitness coaching is a combination of exercise, nutritional guidance, and motivational coaching to help you discover what’s been getting in your way and how to work around your trip-ups. 

The image below walks you through the training process.

What do I get for signing up?

Both plans include customized workouts that are tailored to your goals and abilities. All workouts are delivered through a mobile app, which you complete on your own schedule.

The level of support you get depends on the plan you sign up for.

On the DIY Fitness Plan, you can check in with me via email and once a week over the phone or video chat. Check-ins are brief, 15 minute calls to assess your progress.

With the Fitness Coaching and Nutrition Plan, we schedule times to meet via Zoom for one-hour weekly coaching sessions.

With this plan, we take a deep dive into your nutritional habits. We discover what’s getting in your way and make sure the changes you make stick.

Pick a Plan that Works for Your Life

Fitness can be compatible with your busy lifestyle. No matter what plan you choose, you’re going to get results. For the best results, a minimum of three months is strongly recommended.

DIY Online Fitness Coaching Plan

  • Customized Workouts Delivered Via Mobile App
  • Email and Office Hours Support
  • Weekly 15-minute check-in calls

Online Fitnesss and Nutrition Coaching

  • Customized Workouts Delivered Online
  • Email and Office Hours Support
  • Weekly One-On-One Coaching Sessions

Do you want to know more about online fitness coaching? Book a complimentary, no-commitment consultation today to discover the path that’s right for you.

* Prepayment discounts are available.

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