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My style of coaching is simple.

I like to educate my clients, so they know why they’re doing an exercise and what the results will be.

I’m supportive, but firm when required.

I’m motivational, without being preachy.

I’m not a taskmaster.

If you miss a workout, you’re not in trouble and you won’t get a lecture.

We just simply figure out why and how to keep it from happening again. I understand that mistakes, relapses, things happen. I hit that delicate balance between being supportive and holding you accountable.

That’s all there is to it.

My style, methods, and philosophy are what makes fitness coaching with Apogeo Fitness so effective.

The Apogeo Fitness Philosophy


I believe that fitness isn’t just about lifting weights.

A fit and healthy lifestyle is connected to how you feel. It’s connected to how you think and what you believe.

Those are the things that help you decide if you’re going to the gym or not. How you feel and what you believe

Those decisions become your results.

Fitness is connected to the mind, body, spirit, and soul.

That’s how I approach my work with clients.

The Apogeo Fitness Philosophy is about looking at you and treating you as a complete person. You’re not the numbers you see on a scale or a body fat percentage.

You are not who you voted for. Nor are you your religious beliefs. You are not your sexual orientation.

You are a beautiful human being with heart and soul and dreams and desires.

Feeding the mind and soul while improving the physical self is what creates True Health.

I believe that we have a moral obligation to be fit and healthy.

This obligation is on all of us.

It’s up to the fitness industry to stop betting against you and provide real solutions to help you create long-lasting weight-loss success. A 5% success rate is not acceptable.

It’s the responsibility of the food producers to provide foods that nourish us.

Ultimately, the responsibility falls on you. You have to make better choices in terms of what you eat and how you live.

Apogeo Fitness exists to give you the support and tools you need to make those choices and reclaim your health and your life.

I believe that for a long time, we’ve focused on a simple math equation to be fit and healthy.

Exercise more + Eat Less = Weight Loss

And people would see success. But it wouldn’t last.

That’s because they weren’t focusing on the True Health Equation. This is the core of the Apogeo Fitness philosophy.

Physical Performance + Powerful Relationship with Self + Powerful Relationship with Higher Power = True Health

Weight loss, feeling better, strength, fitness, and confidence all result directly from this formula.

I take the entire person into account in my programs – physical, emotional, spiritual. This is why The Apogeo Method works.

There’s an understanding that your spiritual connection, your emotional connections are tied into the actions that can enhance your physical performance.

The difference here is that the changes stick because we’re bringing your complete self to the equation.

With True Health, you can move forth and do your part to create a better world.

The Six Pillars of Fitness


When clients work through their fitness programs, they work on the six pillars of fitness. These six pillars are the foundation of change.

It doesn’t matter what your goals are or what’s motivating you. These pillars all apply.

Vision: The vision is what you see for yourself. Not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually. We work together to create a vision for your goals and dreams.

Overcoming Resistance: Making lasting change isn’t easy. Your mind will do everything to stop you because it doesn’t like change. Our work will give you the tools you need to overcome resistance.

Testing faith in yourself: Throughout your fitness journey, you will be tested. Over and over again. We’re working together to create a new system and a way to respond to those challenges.

Listening to your body: Your body responds to and holds on to emotions. Your body also is trying to tell you something when you’re injured or feeling great. Our work together helps you tune into this inner guidance so you know exactly how to take care of yourself.

Trusting the Process: There will be moments where you don’t know if your hard work is paying off. There will be mornings where you ask yourself if it’s worth it or not. When you trust the process, you move have a greater sense of self-discipline. You know as long as you put in the work, the result will be there.

Maintaining Momentum: At this point in the program, you’re feeling great. You worked hard to build a new routine and stick to it. Now, your hard work is bearing fruit. For most, it’s the perfect time to stop. We work through how you can maintain the momentum and keep your new, high-performance mindset.

These pillars form the foundation of the programs that I offer:

It doesn’t matter what your goal is, there is a program for you. Book a consultation to see which one is right for you.

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