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From Frustrated to Fabulous in a Few Steps

Become the person you know you can be. 

Goal Setting

Fitness coaching starts with your goals. Together, we look at where you are now, where you want to be and come up with an action plan to get you there. 

Look Better

No matter what your goals are, your program will include activities to help you shed pounds. 

Feel Better

Success breeds confidence. As you go through the program, small wins turn into big wins. This will make you unstoppable. 

Get Results

If you want long-term results, you have to master the habits that matter. In these programs, you’ll master the basics to make sure you don’t have to diet again. 

Helping You Find Success With Personalized Fitness Coaching

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

It happens. You get busy, you get older, you get more responsibility. In all of that, you’re doing everything, but you forget about yourself. You try a diet. It works for a while, then your old habits creep in and you go back to where you were. That cycle continues because you have to learn the habits that make a difference. 

What Is Fitness Coaching?

What is fitness coaching about?

Fitness coaching is a combination for exercise, nutritional guidance, and coaching to help you discover what’s been getting in your way and how to work around your trip ups. 

How is Apogeo Fitness different?

You won’t find quick fixes here. I focus on building habits one at a time, all of which add up to long-lasting change. 

Do I need a gym membership?

Nope. You don’t need a gym membership. Workouts are tailored to your preferences, abilities, and equipment available. I may recommend different tools from time to time, but a gym membership isn’t required to work with me. 

How are programs delivered?

Everything is delivered online. I use apps so you can everything delivered via email and apps. You can access everything you need on the phone. Our weekly coaching sessions are over the phone or via Zoom. 

How Do I know If Fitness Coaching is Right For Me?

Online Fitness Coaching isn’t for everyone. Here are some of the ways to tell that you’re ready to make long-lasting change. 

You've tried other diets, cleanses, and fitness fads.

We’ve all been down that path. They this shake, this miracle pill, this workout, and you’re guaranteed to lose weight. Those things will work for a short time, but you’re ready to do something that lasts beyond a few months, even when life gets chaotic. 

You are committed to doing what it takes to make a change.

The best coaches can give you a plan and tell you what needs to be done. If you don’t take the necessary actions, you’re not going to get the results. That requires a high level of commitment on your part. 

You're not looking for a quick fix.

There are plenty of people who offer 6 pack abs, cleanses, diets, and quick fixes. I help you build on small habits that add up to major results.

You're willing to try different approaches.

There is no one size fits all formula that will get results. Sometimes, a little experimentation is required to find what works for you. 

You want a high level of support & accountability.

Online fitness coaching is a way to get results and have that extra sense of support and accountability. Together, we focus on progress, not perfection. 

My Approach

My style of coaching is simple.

I like to educate my clients, so they know why they’re doing an exercise and what the results will be.

I’m supportive, but firm when required.

I’m motivational, without being preachy.

I’m not a taskmaster.

If you miss a workout, you’re not in trouble and you won’t get a lecture.

We just simply figure out why and how to keep it from happening again. I understand that mistakes, relapses, things happen. I hit that delicate balance between being supportive and holding you accountable.

That’s all there is to it.

My style, methods, and philosophy are what makes fitness coaching with Apogeo Fitness so effective.

How It Works

Fill Out An Application

Fill out a quick application form so we can assess what the right program is for you. We can then have a complimentary consultation to determine the right fit for you. 


Complimentary Consultation

After you fill out an application, I’ll reach out to you to schedule a complimentary consultation. Together, we’ll look at your goals and determine the best path to reach those goals. 

Reach Your Goals

Should we decide that working with me is the best path for you, you’ll get workouts and new healthy habits delivered to your inbox. We’ll also have weekly coaching calls to make sure you’re staying on track and moving towards your goals. 

12 Week Coaching Package

This plan is perfect if you have experience with working out and have had past success. This is tailored for people who are self sufficient and just need a reboot. 


More Details

A lot can happen in 12 weeks. In this program, you’ll get workouts tailored to your needs, nutrition coaching powered by ProCoach, and 30 minute weekly check-in calls. Monthly payment plans are available. 

6 Month Fitness Coaching Package

Change can be messy and it usually takes longer than you think. That’s why a 6-month program is a good fit for people who want to change and recognize that long-lasting change takes a big commitment. 


More Details

In this program, you’ll get workouts tailored to your needs, nutrition coaching powered by ProCoach, and 60 minute weekly check-in calls. Monthly payment plans are available. 

12 Month Fitness Coaching Package

Do you want a high level of personalization and results that will change your life forever? This is the plan for you. 


More Details

Over the course of the program, we’ll focus on integrating new habits slowly. You’ll have a completely customized workout and nutrition program. You’ll have support, accountability, and the time to master habits slowly. Monthly and quarterly payment plans are available. 

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