Fitness Retreats


Connections. That’s what makes the world work.

  • Connection with ourselves
  • Connection with others
  • Connection with God or Higher Power
  • Connection with food
  • Connection with our bodies

Those connections have gotten lost in our mad rush to get things done. We spend more time connecting with machines, than we do with each other.


We don’t know how far the food we ate traveled or how it was manufactured.

We seldom have time to be still and connect with ourselves and the world around us.

Living in Spain taught me that these connections still exist in today’s world.

How many times have you heard someone say, “I went to Europe for a couple of weeks, ate incredibly well, and still managed to lose 10 pounds!”?

Why is that? Well, I believe that it’s how we relate to our food. This isn’t a knock, but as Americans, we like to eat fast, on the go, and shovel as much food in our mouths in as little time as possible.

Think about it, how many times have you eaten out of your car lately? Or at your desk?

In Europe, and Spain in particular, there’s a different way of relating to food. They take their time. They enjoy and savor each and every bite. They use quality ingredients.

They have active lifestyles. You also do a lot more walking when you live in Spain. Trust me on this one.

There’s time in the day to meet and connect with people, whether it’s on the street, in a coffee shop, or in the grocery store.

There are magnificent cathedrals and churches that go back centuries that are quiet places to be still and listen to God.

There’s a simplicity to life in Spain that must be experienced on your own to really understand it.

That’s why Apogeo Fitness now offers fitness retreats designed for you to experience incredible food, learn new ways to relate to food, be active and explore a beautiful culture from a local perspective.

You’ll learn the real Mediterranean diet. Believe it or not, it includes BREAD!!!!

This isn’t your regular tour, where you’d stay in a crowded hotel full of tourists and maybe learn a thing or two. This is not a fat camp or a boot camp where you workout for five hours a day.

This is a very intimate environment where we’ll get to experience Spain from a local perspective.

These retreats are about connections.

There will be time to connect with yourself, quiet time to meditate and connect with God, take a trip to the market and learn how to connect with food. We’ll go over quick fitness routines that you can do anywhere.

There will be fun and connection time with a great bunch of women. You’ll also have the tools to take these connections home and maintain them.

And it all starts with you. Take the leap into the unknown. Go on an adventure of a lifetime.

Space is limited to 10 people. The first retreat is set for September 2019. Location to be determined.

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