Fitness Coaching for Strength & Fitness

I hear this from women all the time, “I want to look more toned.”

Toned is a B.S. marketing term that used to get more women involved in developing strength.

Here’s my question to you, would you rather be strong, or would you rather be toned?

I get that you want to be strong, and not bulky. That’s fine.

I’m here to tell you that it’s OK to be strong.

As women, we’re not used to hearing that.

Only recently has it been OK to be strong. To be fierce. To be a badass.

When you sign up for your Strength Training program, you’ll get your workouts, nutrition coaching, and weekly coaching calls to keep you on track.

Here’s what you get in your Online Fitness Coaching program:

Exercises & Workouts

Your improved physical performance is proof of your internal transformation. In your fitness coaching program, you’ll be given a series of workouts that tell you exactly what you need to do, and I show you how to do the exercises.

You get to do the workouts on your own time at your own convenience.

When we work together, we’ll address the four areas of physical performance:

  • Mobility
  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Cardiovascular Health

These areas are addressed in your workouts to make sure your body is running as efficiently as possible. The workouts are tailored to your needs. You can workout at home, at the gym, at your favorite park.

If you’re pressed for time or if there’s an area that you want to focus on, just let me know.

I customize every workout according to your needs and abilities.

Nutrition Coaching

Strength training requires that you fuel up properly.

You might have some poor eating habits that need to get cleaned up. We’ll work together to ensure that you’re getting the right amount of nutrients

You’ll also learn the right habits and portions to eat right the rest of your life.

Fitness Coaching

Every week, we’ll connect over the phone or video chat to talk about what’s working for you and where there are opportunities for improvement.

I serve as your support to help you reach your goals.

There will be weeks where things come up. Maybe you get busy, or there are an endless stream of events to attend.

Each one of these things can be enough to knock you off of your goals. On our calls, we’ll work together to make sure that you’re on your game and address any potential distractions that can take you out.

The tools, tips and techniques have been used and refined over my 15 years as a coach and my life as an athlete.

This program is for you if:

  • You have experience working out.
  • You may have just temporarily fell off the fitness wagon and need to jump back on.
  • You would say that you’re in OK shape, and pretty healthy.
  • You’re incredibly busy and struggle to balance your workouts with work and family.
  • You’re ready and highly motivated to get to work.

If you think you’re a great fit for this program, sign up for your free consultation today. We’ll talk about your goals and go over the program.

How We'll Work Together

Here’s how it works:

  • You’ll fill out the application below. We’ll then set up a call to determine which program is right for your fitness goals.
  • Once you make the commitment, you will receive an assessment packet to be completed. You will also be asked for a couple of photos and short videos for a postural assessment.
  • Every week, you will receive 3-4 workouts with video instruction, tailored to your interests and needs. These workouts are to be completed on your own.
  • We will have coaching session via Zoom or WhatsApp every week.
  • During these calls, we’ll go over what’s working well, what doesn’t and address anything that comes up for you. We’ll also work through the Six Pillars of Fitness.
  • If you have any questions between our coaching sessions, you can contact me during office hours.

And you’ll get results. All you have you have to do is schedule a consultation to get started.

Ready to Get Started?

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