Fitness Coaching for Weight Loss

Are you ready to rock your first 5k? Maybe you want to try a triathlon, or improve your cycling time.

You could be a weekend soccer player and want to be more fit for the upcoming season.

You might be an avid hiker who’s wants to be in better shape to take on steeper climbs.

No matter what your event is, this program is for you.

Here’s what you get in your Online Fitness Coaching program:

Exercises & Workouts

In your fitness coaching program, you’ll be given a series of workouts that spells out exactly what you need to do. You also get video instructions on how to do the exercises, too.

You do the workouts on your own time at your own convenience.

Each workout is completely personalized to your needs.

If there’s a week where you’re going to be traveling, no problem. Just let me know and you’ll have a workout you can do in your hotel room.

When we work together, we’ll address the four areas of physical performance:

  • Mobility
  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Cardiovascular Health

Each of these areas builds on each other. They ensure that your body moves well, our joints are aligned and as you progress, you’ll see an increase in strength and cardiovascular health. It also reduces the risk of injury.

Nutrition Coaching

A good nutrition plan is the difference between going through the motions and getting results.

I don’t subscribe to diets, meal plans or any fads. It’s not that they’re bad. They have some value in teaching people how to eat well.

I always tell my clients to ask themselves one questions before they start a diet.

Are they going to eat this way for the rest of their lives?

With most fad diets, you won’t. You’re cutting too many calories to the point where your body has learned to adapt, making it more and more challenging to lose weight.

You can’t be hungry forever, right?

You resume to eat the way you used to. The weight creeps back. And you’re left feeling frustrated, again.

I teach my clients how to make smarter choices when it comes to food, while giving them the freedom to enjoy themselves.

After all, if you don’t enjoy the process of fueling your body, that can translate into your results.

As a side note, I do not endorse specific diets and I don’t sell supplements. You can be sure that the work we do is focused on making smart choices each and every day.

We’ll focus on things like how to make healthy choices when you’re stressed or busy. We’ll also focus on portion sizes, because that’s a huge reason why obesity is such a problem worldwide.

Fitness Coaching

Fitness Coaching

As your certified Fitness Coach, it’s my job to support you and help you build up your performance mindset.

During our weekly check-ins, we’ll talk about what’s working, where you can improve, and address what comes up for you in the process.

We’ll also use tools and work through each of the Six Pillars of Fitness that will help you create a stronger relationship with yourself, and with the world around you.

The tools, tips, and techniques have been used and refined over my 15 years as a coach and my life as an athlete.

This is a comprehensive program that gives you everything you need to meet your race or event goals.

This program is for you if:

  • You have experience exercising.
  • You would say that you’re in OK shape, and pretty healthy.
  • You’re incredibly busy and struggle to balance your workouts with work and family.
  • You’re ready and highly motivated to get to work.
  • There’s an event or competition you want to train for, or you just want to be a better athlete.

How We'll Work Together

Here’s how it works:

  • Book your consultation with me. We’ll then set up a call to determine which program is right for your fitness goals.
  • Once you make the commitment, you will receive an assessment packet to be completed. You will also be asked for a couple of photos and short videos for a postural assessment.
  • Every week, you will receive 3-4 workouts with video instruction, tailored to your interests and needs. These workouts are to be completed on your own.
  • We will have a coaching session via Zoom or WhatsApp every week.
  • During these calls, we’ll go over what’s working well, what doesn’t and address anything that comes up for you. We’ll also work through the Six Pillars of Fitness.
  • If you have any questions between our coaching sessions, you can contact me during office hours.

And you’ll get results. All you have you have to do is schedule a consultation to get started.

Ready to Get Started?

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