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Learn What Apogeo Fitness Is All About

What does Apogeo mean?

It comes from Spanish and Italian, meaning height or peak. It also means culmination of a process. That sums up how I work with my clients.

It is a process to lose weight, get fit, and keep it off. At the end of the process you’re at your own peak where your confidence is high and you’re feeling like you’re at the top of your game.

How do you say Apogeo?

App-oh-GEE-oh. There are a couple of ways to pronounce Apogeo. In Spanish, it’s pronounced like this. The way I pronounce it is more Americanized and closer to Italian.

What is the mission of Apogeo Fitness?

It is the mission of Apogeo Fitness to increase the success rate of the fitness industry by providing fitness coaching programs to help women improve their physical performance and create powerful relationships with themselves and the world around them.

What is the Vision of Apogeo Fitness?

The Vision of Apogeo Fitness is a healthy, stable world. A world where every person is at peace with themselves and mentally, spiritually and physically strong.

Where everyone has easy, affordable access to foods that nourish a sound mind and body.

Where people speak of and live their hopes and dreams.

Where everyone has had enough of the status quo and DO SOMETHING about it.

Where everyone seeks wisdom and their own answers.

Where our discourse is meaningful and based on fact.

Where people come together and connect with each other.

Where our organizations focus on people first.

Where the obesity rates get lower and lower every year.

Where we always see studies and reports that we’re healthier and stronger than ever before.

What are the Values of Apogeo Fitness?

Enthusiasm: I love what I get to create every single day with my clients.
Integrity: I seek to earn the trust of my clients and partners. It is of utmost importance to do what I committed to doing and doing the right thing for my clients and partners.
Respect: I respect our clients and where they’re at.
Service: Apogeo Fitness exists to serve clients and help them be better versions of themselves.
Community: I believe that we all have an opportunity to make a contribution. Apogeo Fitness will be a leader in creating fit and healthy communities.


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